Join the Pittsburgh Blues in 2016

May 27, 2016

CFC-SUPPORTERS-CLUB-_PITTSBURGH-2014The Pittsburgh Blues is an Official Chelsea FC Supporters Club based in Pittsburgh, PA.  We are always looking for more Chelsea supporters from the Western Pennsylvania and Northern West Virginia to become affiliate members and True Blue members of the Pittsburgh Blues.

The Pittsburgh Blues are currently a Bronze Level Supporters Club. For the 2016-2017 season, we have a 3 tiered membership scheme.  The tiers are 1. Affiliate, 2. Member, 3 True Blue Member.

All Pittsburgh Blues must fill out Join the Pittsburgh Blues to affiliate with the Pittsburgh Blues.  This only has to be done once (not every year).

After doing so, please send an e-mail to

  1. Becoming an affiliate member (free) formally affiliates you with Chelsea Football Club and the Pittsburgh Blues, but does not include summer tour ticket access or annual group trip ticket access.  It also does not help us cover the costs of running the supporters club, so please consider becoming a Full Member.
  2. The next membership tier is Full Member. To become a Full Member requires a $10 fee per member or $20/family (up to 2 adults+children). Running the Pittsburgh Blues is not free.  This fee helps us cover the cost of registering our club with Chelsea, maintaining our website, the eventual replacement of our banner at Stamford Bridge, postage, and other miscellaneous costs involved with running the supporters club. Full members will also receive a club pin. You must be a Full Member of the Pittsburgh Blues in order to obtain ticket access for the Summer Tours. PDF Application Form
  3. If you become a True Blue Member, you can travel with us to Chelsea for the group trip.  If we are able to get 15 True Blue members, our True Blue Members gain access to tickets at Stamford Bridge outside of the group trip.  You must also pay the $10 Full Member fee to the Pittsburgh Blues.  If you get a True Blue membership, please send your True Blue Membership number to  Forwarding your True Blue confirmation e-mail to us also accomplishes this nicely.  The True Blue sign up can be found at 

Becoming a True Blue member is just about the only legal way to get tickets for home Chelsea matches, apart from the annual group trip.  As the annual group trip is restricted from taking place during London rivalry matches and Category AA matches,  True Blue membership is the only legitimate way to get tickets to some of the matches.

As the team gains in popularity, less and less tickets go on sale to non-True Blue Members each year.  Buying your tickets through the Pittsburgh Blues allows you to know if you have tickets 6 weeks prior to the match day, so you have plenty of time to plan your travel.

Champion’s League and Cup matches are not included in this scheme, but we’ve had a lot of luck obtaining those tickets anyway.  Please ask the day Cup and Champions League matches are announced if you want us to try to obtain these tickets for you, the window of opportunity is usually very tight.

Join the Pittsburgh Blues

Thanks and KTBFFH!

Curtis Kaminski – Pittsburgh Blues

International Champion’s Cup

June 3, 2013

Please find tickets prices and sections for the International Champion’s Cup.

We require all orders to be placed by Wednesday 5th June 5pm EST. Please send your ticket request to and your payment via PayPal to Once we receive your tickets, we will arrange a way to get them to you. If Chelsea doesn’t find success in the tournament, the date of the Miami game could change to August 6th.

If you haven’t filled out the affiliation form for next year, you’ll have to do so again before ordering tickets. You need to have a member affiliated for each ticket ordered. True Blue memberships also work for this. The affiliation form can be found at   True Blue international Signups can be found at:

E-mail after you’ve filled out your affiliate form, or send your true blue confirmation e-mail.

Indy – 1st August
Lucas Oil Stadium
Section:153 (entire section)
Price: $92

New York – 4th August
Metlife Stadium
Section: 101 (entire section)
Price: $97

Miami – 7th August
Sun Life Stadium
Section: 130 (Rows 3-23)
Price: $128

As we receive any additional information we will pass this onto you.